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Beyond organic

In Agribio we believe more respectful agriculture is possible, not only for the environment but also for all the stakeholders involved in this activity. The main idea is to create value for people, but also the Planet.

Growing for Life

Protecting the environment and safeguarding resources for future generations is one of our main missions. With Growing For Life, our quality label guaranteed by Bureau Veritas, we guarantee a production method and farming systems that allow us to protect the soil, ecosystems and the environment.

It is based on four main pillars:

  • Optimisation of ecosystems
  • Biological crop management
  • Developing and harnessing collective intelligence
  • Energy-economic efficiency

This agroecological approach conceives regenerative agriculture as a way to protect the environment and fight against global warming.

Let's Climact

Climate change and environmental protection are some of society’s biggest challenges.

At Agribio, our commitment to environmental protection has consistently formed a core part of our mission. Recognizing that the quality of water, air, and soil profoundly influences our agricultural produce, we have steadfastly embraced an ecologically responsible approach to farming.

This dedication is exemplified in our pioneering efforts to introduce the market’s first carbon-neutral lemons. Through our Lets Climact initiative, we embark on a transparent journey, openly acknowledging the emissions associated with our lemon production. We diligently undertake measures to minimize these emissions while actively participating in social and environmental projects that contribute to a sustainable future.

Agribio ecopackaging

Goodbye to plastics

We are constantly working on the search for more environmentally friendly packaging made from less polluting materials. Our packaging policy is based on:

  • Reduction of packaging to the minimum necessary to protect the product.
  • Substitution of plastic bands and nets for materials such as cellulose and paper.
  • Total elimination of packaging with our natural branding technique.

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