Primofiori Lemon

Variety with fine skin and very intense yellow coloration. It is very popular among consumers for its high percentage of juice. It reaches its optimum from September on.

Origin: Spain

Calendar: September-April

Verna Lemon

This is a late variety of oval shape and high calibres. It is very appreciated for its skin and its aromatic properties. It reaches peak season in April.

Origin: Spain

Calendar: April-August

Verdelli Lemon

It is a summer variety, small in size, uniform in colour and green. Fine and very aromatic skin.

Origin: Spain

Calendar: July-September

Eureka Lemon

Variety of smooth skin and bright yellow colour with a great quantity of juice. We offer it between April and September to continue offering you yellow lemon during the summer season.

Origin: Chile

Calendar: July-September

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